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Hi! I'm Rachel


"Irreverent Healer "

Showing a lack of respect for people
or things that are generally taken seriously is how irreverent is defined by Webster’s dictionary.


I mean no disrespect to the process of healing it’s the institution I think we need to question.  

I have been the ride-along partner,the vigilant observer and general pain in the ass for the last 4 years on my mother’s healing journey.


Along the way I discovered I was on my own healing journey.


In fact I’ve been on an unconscious healing and transformation quest since birth.


The agent that made me conscious was cancer.

It took my mother’s cancer to slowly and I mean slowly bring me into conscious acceptance.  

Suffering is not being able to accept what is.

Agony is not being able to accept what is and embarking on a crusade to fix it.   That is suffering amplified.


As a crusader I hardened for battle and was going to fix the cancer with herbs, acupuncture, reiki, false positivity,and sheer will.

What I realized is you can’t will anything into being if you can’t first accept it, then surrender it, and here is the hardest part give thanks for it. 

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